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Uganda Sipi Falls (Organic)

Uganda Sipi Falls (Organic)


Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Cocoa, Lemon Verbena

This year’s new crop brings out a clean, smooth and balanced cup. It offers flavors of green apple, cocoa and lemon verbena with a creamy chocolate body and subtle malic acidity.

The name Sipi Falls originated from a Sabiny word ‘Sep’ which literally means water falling from the mountain. Located in Eastern Uganda, on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, Sipi falls sits a few kilometers away from one of Uganda most breathtaking National Parks, prime territory for growing of Arabica coffee due to its high altitude which goes above 2,000 mbsl, generous soils, and abundance of natural waterfalls and streams. The region is home to Sabiny Tribe who voyaged from Ethiopian highland through the rift valley region in Kenyan and eventually settling at the slope of Mt. Elgon, Uganda.

Coffee growing was introduced in this region way back in 1920 by the Catholic missionaries. In 1936, the first coffee nursery was established in Sipi Parish just few meters from the current Kawacom Super eco- friendly wet mill. And that marked the beginning of the startling Arabica coffee from this region. Sitting on 8,535 hectares of land 8,847 Ugandan small holder farmers are currently working to produce high quality Arabica Coffee under Kawacom Sustainability scheme.

The Sabiny are very loyal to their cultural norms and believes among others are; celebration during circumcision month, the celebration is quite unique where all boys must undergo circumcision before they are regarded as men in the community, for what they regards as good luck. The circumcision is done by elders in the presence of community members and there after food and drinks are served freely to all members, jubilation and celebration follows the whole day. The event takes place the entire Month of December every even year.  Another key celebration is birth of twins where the family and the elders perform rituals to bless the newly born twins for good luck. The rituals dance is completed in the cave, the elders believes it’s the place for talking with their ancestors.

Roasted by Klatch Coffee

Organic : Yes
Country: Uganda
Region: Sipi Falls, Mt. Elgon
Altitude: 1350-1600 m  
Varietal: SL 14, SL 28  
Process: Washed    
Roast Level: Medium

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