Kipsy Coffee
Ready-to-brew Artisan Coffee in a pack! Just add hot water!

About the Pack

About the pack

“Drip-Bag” Coffee Origins


For more than two decades, this has been a common way of consuming coffee throughout Asia.  There, it can be purchased in most grocery and convenience stores, and consumed in homes, offices, and hotels.  Also known as "drip bag coffee".  Having a clever design inspired by Japanese Origami, the filter-pouch transforms itself into a self-contained drip coffee brewer.


Coffee Pack Details


Drip-Bag Sachet/Pouch

The sachet itself is a coffee filter and brewing device, pre-filled with ground coffee.

The filter has no taste or smell, maintaining the integrity of the coffee’s frangrance/aroma/taste. Each sachet is ultrasonic sealed providing a secure seal without any use of glue or adhesives.

To brew, all you need is a mug and boiled water.

Whole Bean Grind

The coffees are freshly roasted, and packaged in the Kipsy Pack within a few days from roast date.  And to ensure peak freshness, we grind whole beans just before packaging and sealing.

Unlike Instant Coffee, which is freeze-dried crystals of pre-brewed coffee, each Kipsy Pack contains actual grounded whole coffee beans. So you are actually brewing fresh coffee when you pour hot water.

Moisture/Gas Barrier

The outer envelope provides a moisture and gas barrier to preserve freshness of the coffee grounds.

Nitrogen Gas Flushed

Each individual packet is nitrogen gas-flushed during the final seal of the outer envelope to maximize shelf life.  This purges oxygen (oxidation causes the coffee to stale and lose flavor) from within the Kipsy Pack replacing it with an inert gas (Nitrogen), and thus extending the shelf-life of the coffee. The freshness is preserved for at least a year from the package date.

Custom Labels

For wholesale or “package-as-a-service” customers, we provide labeling service.  A custom label is applied to each packet.