Kipsy Coffee
Ready-to-brew Artisan Coffee in a pack! Just add hot water!

About Us

About Us

Who is Kipsy?

Kipsy Coffee is a small business that is on a quest to offer to customers the world’s finest coffee, at the greatest convenience. We are passionate about learning and exploring the coffees from all over the world, and want to share our discoveries with Specialty Coffee newbies and coffee geeks alike. We strongly believe that awesome coffee should be accessible to anyone, any time, anywhere. We are riding coffee’s Third Wave, and loving it!

At Kipsy, it all starts with the best coffees from around the world. We separate ourselves with the highest quality coffee, and believe anyone can taste the difference. Our Kipsy Packs offer something unique where the customer can have both quality and convenience, and not have to only choose one or the other. As a bonus, the versatility is boundless!

We are based in Orange County, CA. Our coffees are roasted fresh by Artisan roasters located in Los Angeles CA area, each with over 20 years experience of sourcing coffee and craft roasting. It takes an immense amount of care and hard work from the farm - to the roaster - to your cup. Our roasters are committed to sourcing the best coffees directly from farmers and co-ops through relationships developed over many years, securing the best lots from each crop harvest.


The founder, Anson Chu, first encountered “Drip Bag” coffee around the year 2000. His cousin had brought some back to the States from a trip to Japan. At that time, he thought the concept was clever, but never thought much of it due to the fact that the coffee was underwhelming, so the novelty quickly faded. Fast forward to early 2017 when Anson was in Taiwan for a cousin’s wedding where the hotel he stayed in had Drip Bag coffee in the hotel room which tasted very similar to the Specialty Coffees he was used to drinking in the States. Upon returning to the States, he realized that he could not find a similar product, which was perfect for travel, office, camping or home, even though there are so many awesome and easily accessible coffee roasters.

The inspiration for Kipsy Coffee grew from a need in Anson’s own lifestyle and love of travel to explore new cultures around the world. As a light traveler where being flexible and mobile is vital, packing coffee beans + kettle + brewer + filters + grinder was not practical. So there was always a compromise of coffee taste for convenience. He tried many alternatives (e.g. instant coffee, Starbucks Via) which all tasted underwhelming to say the least. Sometimes it was like taking medicine.

After over a year of R&D and partnering with a couple amazing Artisanal roasters, Kipsy Coffee was born. We officially launched to the public at CoffeeCon February 2018.


Provide the best coffees from around the world AND make it easy and accessible to all, from the common consumers to the coffee geeks. Create a bridge to Specialty Coffee for everyone.