Kipsy Coffee
Ready-to-brew Artisan Coffee in a pack! Just add hot water!

How to Brew

How to Kipsy


Brewing Directions

Guidelines for brewing. Please adjust to your personal taste.

Steps for the pouch inside wrapper


0.  Open outer wrapper by tearing from the top ridges of packet

1.  Pinch and Tear perforated top of pouch (along dotted line, printed OPEN HERE), to create opening

2.  Gently pull out "arms" and attach onto rim of cup/mug
     Recommended cup/mug size: height 4" or taller, 12 oz or more

3.  Slowly pour boiled water into the pouch's opening
     Suggested water temperature: at least 205°F, or boiling (212°F)

          a.  Slowly pour and fill inside of pouch to the top without overflowing.
               Allow for water drip down.

          b.  Repeat 2 to 3 times (or to taste)

4.  Dispose and Enjoy!

  • Note: It is okay if the bottom of filter-pouch becomes slightly submerged in the brewed coffee.



Brew Time

Total extraction time is 3-4 minutes*.  

*Times may vary depending on: water termperature, amount of water poured, coffee origins, roast development