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Blends, like blended wine or blended whisky, are coffees that are a blend of more than one coffee bean varietal and/or orgin to create a specific flavor profile. In a Blended Roast, you can expect the flavors to be balanced on the palate and for the cup to be consistent from batch to batch. These are great for everyday drinking!




Single Origin coffees originate from a single farm/estate/co-op. Similar to Whisky Single Malt, these coffees are prized for distinct flavors and nuances. And similar to wine, it is fascinating to experience that a coffee bean varietal planted and grown in one country/region/farm can taste quite different from the same bean in another. By trying different Single Origin coffees, you can truly experience some of the best coffees from all around the world!




The processes and technologies to decaffeinate coffees have come a long way. No longer are Decaf drinkers neglected when it comes to flavor and quality. Our decaf coffees come from the same high quality Specialty Beans as non-Decaf. Try and taste the difference!

Plus, Kipsy Packs are perfect for Decaf drinkers. Each Kipsy Pack individually preserves the coffee freshness. So you can still have that occasional coffee!