Kipsy Coffee
Ready-to-brew Artisan Coffee in a pack! Just add hot water!

Kipsy Coffee

Artisan Coffee Simplified


Portable Pourover Coffee Packs

No prep, No mess, No fuss.
* Attach to mug, Pour hot water, and Enjoy! *

The world’s finest coffee at your convenience.


The Kipsy Coffee Pack is a single-use filter pouch, pre-filled with specialty-grade (rated 80 points and above) pre-ground coffee. Each pack is nitrogen-sealed so it stays fresh for a very long shelf life.

We curate the highest quality roasted coffees from leading Artisanal roasters, who meticulously source their beans directly from farmers and co-ops (through long-standing relationships) from around the world securing the best lots from each seasonal harvest. 

Available in a wide variety of Single Origin or Blends, light/medium/dark roasts.


Craft coffee that is accessible to everyone, at anytime!

Each individual pack easily fits into large pockets.  The convenience is unparalleled with no compromise on the coffee's quality and taste!



  • Specialty-grade beans

  • Single Origin & Blends

  • Artisan roasters

  • Long shelf-life

  • No prep, No cleanup

  • No dirty coffee makers

  • Pocket portability

Great for:

  • Office

  • Home

  • Travel

  • Outdoors / Camping

  • Etc ...



Ready to brew?